P1's- help with 2nd hand value please


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Hi guys
I have a load of FMJ kit up for sale in the forums- a bit of interest in most of it but none in my P1's or C30. Did I get my pricing wrong or should I wait til the right buyer comes along? Advice from Arcam fans much appreciated.:smashin:

C30 £530 now £495
P1 £700 now £675 for 1 x P1
P1 £700 or £1300 for 2x P1's
P1 £700 or £1800 for 3x P1's

I don't need to sell, but I have a renovation project underway and have no time to view/listen- I just need to decide if I sell now or store it all for a few months and enjoy it all over again! The way the sales thread is going, I'm thinking about keeping it all and wait till HiDef has settled down in a year or so before upgrading.



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The C30 price is reasonable, its just that preamps are never easy to shift for some reason. I've got two ex demo preamps in the shop that I just can't shift either.

The P1s could probably come down in price a bit to £550-600 each or £1500 for all 3.


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Thanks Crustyloafer

I have two Arcam FMJ systems- was thinking of selling the P1's, getting a AV8/P7 system to do all.

presently have:
CD23 (with superclock upgrade)
C30 pre-amp
2x P1's
(3rd P1 in storage!)

A22 + DAVe 5.1 board
P25 3 channel amp

Or maybe I should use the A22_DAVE as a 5.1 pre-amp, use 3 P1's for the front 3 channels and the P25/3 for the rears. That way i just have to sell the C30- and maybe the CD23 as the DV27 is very good with music anyway.
Any thoughts?
Or like the other P1 thread that is running, maybe I should get another P1 and bi-amp:D



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Funnily enough, I have been looking into changing my P7 for 7 P1s. My problem is fourfold:

i) Cost - Hence my looking at the ex-demo/ used market;
ii) Rarity – especially in the BLACK finish of the rest of my system;
iii) Space – Is it possible to stack them? Either all 7 or 4 and 3; and
iv) Wife – Convincing “she who must be obeyed” that seven boxes/plugs etc are better than one.


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Sevenoaks are showing a pair of p1's on the clearance part of their website ex-dem for £1595. I'm sure these would still come with the full 5 year warranty if thats of any help to your pricing. The last few pairs I've seen on ebay have gone for around the £1000 mark.


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Hello Crustyloafer- thanks to your advice on re-pricing the P1's, I have now sold a pair, just one to go!

I don't suppose you have an ex-demo P7 :) ?


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