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Reviewed by Imran Butt
P.S I Love You, is labelled as a romantic comedy and it's a film that attempts to be a light hearted affair. It's based upon the novel of the same name by Cecelia Ahern which she wrote at the tender age of 21. That's quite a young age for a writer and it maybe is the reason why this her first novel feels a little shallow at times in its movie form. Unfortunately the first half of the movie is actually far too dark and sombre and what ensues never really recovers from that.
The performances from the leading cast are unspectacular and I doubt whether Gerard Butler or Hilary Swank will be involved in romantic comedies again from the strength of their showings on offer here. Neither was convincing. The film also probably runs for 30-40 minutes too long. The blu-ray disc is an unspectacular video presentation and the audio nor the extras have enough in them to elevate it sufficiently to warrant a high definition purchase.
If you're after a chick flick that is not quite the norm then in some ways it’s probably worth a watch. However, it fails to engage as a romantic comedy and it also fails to engage as a serious romantic movie. The end result becomes a bland, harmless, muted and sensitive movie. I would suggest a rental before you consider a purchase.
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I couldn't disagree with this review more. The chemistry between Butler and Swank was great, and i thought it was a very heartwarming film.

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