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P+ 9617- tinted picture

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Nyquil Driver, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Nyquil Driver

    Nyquil Driver
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    Dec 24, 2001
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    I've just posted in the vertical bars poll/thread that I can also see the problem on my 28pw9617. Although I only discovered this after attempting to rectify a completely different problem (It's a long story so I'll try to cut-it-down as much as I can):-

    While watching a DVD a few weeks back, I noticed that the picture seemed a bit more washed-out than usual (as it was a film I'd watched before). I checked my TV settings were okay, which they were, so I assumed the scart-lead was to blame. After checking that it was connected fully at both ends I studied the picture again but noticed no improvement. So in the end I bought a new lead in the hope that it would solve the problem (I have another DVD player which passes through my DVDR, so a decent connection is crucial).

    The new lead made no difference whatsoever though (even Shrek looked a bit bland), so I took a guess that my DVDR's scart connection was damaged somehow. That assumption is what made me totally re-arrange my set-up... The 980 DVDR was moved to the side S-video socket and my other DVD player was plugged directly into the RGB scart socket... Other than the addition of vertical bars though (see other thread!), the 980's image didn't alter much at all. Plus, the DVD player now plugged directly into the scart socket showed the same dull image as the DVDR. I've now noticed that everything else (tuner/gamecube etc) exhibits a similarly drab effect (although it does seem worse with DVD's), so obviously something dodgy has happened to my P+ set!.

    At this point I think I should clarify the problem a bit more just in case anyone else has experienced the same thing and dismissed it. It's a bit like having the tint set to cool and having active control set to maximum (although I don't use either!). The picture seems to have too much grey/light blue in it as though brightness is too high or the on-screen action is set somewhere foggy. It's not always immediately apparent or particularly awful, but the image has definitely altered somehow and appears tinted in a rather unnatural way. I know it's not just my imagination because the picture presets (Natural/Rich etc) have different characteristics now too.

    Normally, cycling through those modes would give me a 'Multimedia' pic that looks okay, 'Personal' which is perfect and an 'Eco' that's too dark. Now though (after having to completely re-adjust 'Personal') 'Eco' just looks extremely grey rather than dark. I was totally happy with the picture before, but now I'm forever fiddling with the dynamic contrast/tinting in an attempt to get the picture I previously had.

    I intended for this post to be quite brief, so sorry that it's so long!. I just wanted to make sure this issue was described in a sufficiently detailed way, as hopefully someone may be able to explain what's happened (I can only assume that one of the processing elements has ceased functioning). In any case, I've logged my experience here so at least this post is here to find if anyone else notices something similar...

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