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Nov 13, 2003
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Just finished watching a programme called Oz on E4+1.

I have often seen this listed in the TV mag but never took any notice of it. Always thought it was some stupid Ozzy soap or crap Ozzy drama.

Boy was I wrong. I have no idea what episode it was but it seemed quite brutal in places. I mean, having a spoon inserted into your rear end. You can’t get much more brutal can you?

It's all about a US Prison. I have no idea how long it's been going for on E4 or how many episodes are left. So I was wondering if anyone knew if it was available on dvd R2.

Has anyone else seen this prison drama and if so what are your thoughts?

This is a very disturbing, and frequently controversial drama show from the USA, from director Tom Fontana, who created "Homicide: Life On The Street". On E4, you are watching the final few episodes of the last ever series (Season 6 if memory serves.)

"Oz" is the nickname for where the show is set - Oswald Maximum Penitentiary. It's a maximum-security prison, designed to house the worst of the worst of male prison offenders. It's also a show that details how the guards and staff can sometimes be just as brutal to the prisoners, as the prisoners can be to each other.

It is very good, but only Seasons 1 to 3 were shown on Channel 4, without any announcement, nor any promotion, in the middle of Thursday nights/Friday mornings, about four or five years back. Since then, all remaining seasons have only been shown on E4, again, with little to no advertising. (E4 did originally intend to rerun the entire show back-to-back, one episode a week, but that quickly got messed-up by the great schedulers at Channel 4!)

The show has NEVER been released on Region 2 DVD, nor on VHS either, although it's certainly iffy as to whether or not some of the material contained in the show would be allowed even at 18-certificate level. (Almost every episode contains extensive and ultra-explicit language, graphic violence and sexual scenes, and frequent use of male nuidty.) However, Seasons 1, 2 and (very soon Season 3) are already out on Region 1 DVD, in the USA, from HBO films. They are boxed sets of 3 discs each, retailing at about £25 to £30, per set.

If you go to: www.epguides.com and then click on th e letter "O" (obviously) then on "OZ", you'll get a full episode listing.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Guy's,

A very informative answer PoochJD.

I think I'm gonna have to invest in a Multi-region player very soon.
Originally posted by PoochJD
(Almost every episode contains extensive and ultra-explicit language, graphic violence and sexual scenes, and frequent use of male nuidty.)

Jeez... it's not that bad.

Maybe so, but it's hardly Mary Poppins is it?!

Hell. it beats "The Sopranos" for language and violence, more often than not!


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