Own sony 7700 replace it with ???? please help


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Hi all I have a sony 7700 and was happy with it until now, so the question is what to go for now.

i have been looking at alot of dvd players and found that this dvd player seems to be a a good replacement, the denon 2900

would you say that the picture and sound of the denon would be better than my sony 7700 ????

Anyone know if the 2900 has dvi as i have a sony hs-20 projector.

it seems there are alot of dvd players out that are cheap but i want to replace my high end dvd player with a high end one not a cheap player.

anyone know if the denon 2900 is a good player or any other suggestions on this topic would be helpfull.

thanks all


What you replace it with depends onhow you want to use it. The 7700 was my first DVD player (I paid almost £1K for it!!! when they first came out).

As manufacturing technologies have improved and the market has become saturated prices have come down for a similar or better quality player.

The 7700 was excellent on DVD and OK on CD (well,as good as a decent budget CD player).

If all you are using it for is DVD playback then you don't need to spend more than £140 on a Yamakawa 365. This has DVI out and dives fantastic DVD performance.

Having compared one back to back with a Pioneer 868 I found it was difficult to justify the price difference. In fact most people couldn't tell the difference and in some areas it was felt to be better.

On this basis I've ordered one this week and am waiting for delivery from Germany.


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ehy you getting a new dvd player??

i wanted a new one because the odd time its abit fussy on some dvds and cds i have had mine since day 1 and love it and still do but as i have entered the projector scene i was woundering if dvi would be better.

i was going to get a recorder but as duel layer is about to come out i`m wating but i always like to have a high end dvd player to get the most out of my projector.

anyone have any thought on some models

thanks all


Hi, Im in the same situation ! got a trusted sony s7700 and i just ordered samsung hd935 which arrives this tuesday !
allready got my dvi - hdmi cable to connect to my pioneer 434 hde !
I hope there will be a big improvement in pic quality!- i am expecting the odd quirks as it is a rather cheap player.
The sony is showing a lot of background noise via comp !! Which is very distracting !
May go for arcam dv 79 at a later date poss !!
Anyone got the same combination ( hd935 - p 434hde ) and had any probs !!!


Hi meridius. i was in your shoes about 6 months ago, as iwas the proud owner of a sony 7700, still am. however i wanted a high end replacement for the 7700 and went for the denon 2900. i have never regretted that move. The denon is abrilliant player all through with added features such as progressive scan,dvd-audio and SACD. The sony is a good player but the denon is just fantastic.
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