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I decided today to take the plundge on one of the DVDO HD scalers that owl had for sale on ebay (i know they are now out of date and you should go for at least the HD+) it was a multiple auction with 3 available. I placed a bid as the first bidder of 430 quid the asking price. When i have come to check it ive lost to 3 other people of whome the record shows at least 2 bid after me a complete breach of the rules to say i am not happy would be an understatement


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I would guess that the later bidders offered more £ but as multiple items were for sale they all bought at the lowest winning bid price. see below

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Multiple Item Auction

When you see a quantity of two or more on an eBay auction, that's a Multiple Item Auction (Dutch Auction). This means the seller is offering multiple, identical items for sale. Unlike a regular eBay auction, Multiple Item Auctions can have many winners.

When you bid on a Multiple Item Auction, you specify the number of items you're interested in and the price you're willing to pay. All winning bidders will pay the same price: the lowest successful bid.

Much of the time, all buyers pay the starting price in Multiple Item Auctions. However, if there are more bids than items, the items will go to earliest successful bids.

To beat another bid, yours must have a higher total bid per item than other bids, regardless of how many items you are bidding on. Reducing this total bid value in subsequent bids is not permitted.

Example: For a listing with 10 available items and 2 bidders:
Bidder A bid for 3 items at £5 each.
Bidder B bid for 8 items at £6 each.
In this case, the lowest successful bid is £5. So the outcome of this listing is:
Bidder B wins 8 items at £5 each.
Bidder A wins 2 items at £5 each.

Winning bidders have the right to refuse partial quantities. This means that if you win some, but not all, of the quantity you bid for, you don't have to buy any of them. In the above example, Bidder A bid on 3 items but won only 2 of them. Bidder A can refuse to complete the purchase, as he or she didn't win the quantity they bid on.

Successful bids are displayed when you click on the link reading, "see winning bidders list" link. The complete bidding history (including any unsuccessful bids) is displayed when you click on the 'bid history' link.

Hope this helps



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Ps I always find these things happen for a reason you will probably find an HD+ at a good £ next week


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It was probably his mates biding aginst you,you may well see them for sell again!


Don't fight against ebay bidders, some are not honest and can even be the seller himself trying to raise the price under a different name or even a friend helping out to raise the price.

I have seen this often on the american Ebay and i think it is really unserious business doing that.

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I left them an email asking in rather short terms why i didnt win and to my suprise they actually bothered to get back to me they said that i had been outbid and that they only had 3 sorry. Now although thats not what the ebay page says to me i have to say it was nice of them to take the time to get back to me when a lot of people these days wouldnt so i dont think i mind anymore

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I just looked at the auction and I may be wrong but it's quite possible this is alll above board. With three items available the final price for all winners would only be that of the third highest bidder no matter how much the higher bidders had bid. The third highest bidder placed his bid of £430 before you did according to the bid history. The other two winners may have put in a maximum bid of 5 grand each for all we know but they will only pay the amount that the third highest bidder pays. If their highest offers were higher than yours then they will have pushed you out of the running.

If you carefully read the rules as posted by Ianfromnotts you'll see what I'm talking about.

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