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Overscan: What should I be aiming at?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by nathan_silly, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. nathan_silly


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    Ok, on the Avia Overscan test I notice it has numbers on the top, bottom & left/right hand sites. What should I set the size to?

    I set the TV to "Wide" mode for WED. I

    Loading up Avia now- I'll edit this and enter in the overscan numbers.

    Left side 5.5
    Right side 6.5
    Top 3
    Bottom 3

    Is the Avia overscan test in Avia 16:9 format?
    How would I ensure I don't mess up the ratio? Keep in in Wide mode, and adjust HIT & WID to certain overscan?
    Will this mess up the geometry/convergence? (I think it will)

    Oh yeah I take it I'll need to do the same for Superlive?- I mostly use Wide and Superlive- I don't use the others.

  2. bobones

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    Jan 15, 2002
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    The avia pattern can be viewed 16:9 or whatever. It only indicates where the image edges are relative to the screen for any particular mode. I'd use wide mode as the reference.

    Top and bottom at 3% are about as good as it gets. You could probably reduce the sides to around 4% without image edges on tv and dvds becoming visible. Make sure you check this on a few sources before wasting time fixing the geometry and convergence errors you will undoubtedly introduce.

    On my Sony, entering service mode to adjust deflection parameters (screen size options) automatically puts the set into Wide mode, but the changes affect all the other modes too. Check ratios with circle/grid patterns in avia, but it would be hard to really screw this up.

    You might find the benefits of the overscan reduction are minimal compared to the time spent fixing the resultant geometry and convergence errors.

    When I put my dvd player into "shrink" mode, I can see that I still miss some stuff from the sides. The main benefit for me was that stuff like Sky Sports news ticker fits nicely in Smart mode without me having to move the image up as I had to previously.

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