Overheating Celestion AVR300


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Hi, I've got a Celestion AVR300 that is overheating - easy to see why, the fan isn't working...
Is it worth trying to get it fixed? I'm really gutted as the speakers look great and the sounds good (to me anyway!)

Any advice much appreciated before I blow my wages down Richer sounds tomorrow:)


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I'd bin the amp, as I don't think it's worth spending money on.

It would seem at first glance that the speakers might be 8 ohm, so they'd be compatable with an AV receiver :smashin:


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hi id agree with badger id replace the amp with something like a denon or onkyo but keep the speakers as celestion made some damned good speakers and why dont u try and flog the celestion on ebay for parts or repair? if its the fan it should be a simple repair!


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If it is just the fan, replace it. No point binning something you like for the sake of a few quid and a little bit of elbow grease.


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hi,when the fan worked did it run all the time or did iti kick in when the amp reached a certain temp? if it kicked in then it might be a sensor on the heatsink what runs the fan or if not it could well be the fan has packed up or maybe blocked with dust id disconnect the speakers etc take the case off and turn the amp on at the mains AND CAREFULLY SEE IF YOU CAN SPIN THE FAN BLADES-USE A PENCIL OR SOMETHING SIMILAIR TO SEE IF THIS HELPS if it works bingo if not see if u can source a new fan try ebay on the computer bits section just remember to keep your fingers away from the power supply section for obvious reasons!!! hope this helps mate.

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