Overheating, 1100MP projector Temp and Lamp Light flash, Help Only works for 5mins


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I have a 1100MP Dell Projector, as soon as I turn the projector on it flashes the temp and lamp light on for a second then goes off.

The projector will only go on for a around five minutes then seems to overheat and turn off and just for five minutes it gets very hot. The projector fans seem to be fine and working, obviously I have tried to see if the fans are working fine with it on but the micro-switch stops the projector from turning on unless the unit is screwed together. I need some help on this issue. The bulb seems to be operating fine in those five minutes so I would not isolate the issue down the bulb?

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If you can hold the microswitch down to defeat the safety circuit (tape it down might be easier), it should give you enough time to see if the fans are working or if something is blocking the air flow. They obviously don't want the pj to operate for long without the cover on (it probably dictates the air flow so with no case on the cooling is impaired), so don't let it run for long like that. Also be careful that you don't touch any live parts.

If everything looks OK, it might be the temp sensor that's gone faulty and reporting a false high reading. While you have it apart and before you power it up, see if you can find the sensor and if any wires are loose or broken off.


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