Overclocking my 2550k to 4.5GHz Results


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Hello everyone,

Hello everyone I'm a newbie to overclocking and with the help of some people I orignally OC'd it to 4GHz. This was really good but I have now OC'd it to 4.5GHZ and was just wondering if some people could just check these results for me and see if everything is okay, I've been using it for a bit now and no BSOD yet!

I used CineBench which put all 4 cores under 100% load and these were the results;

CPU-Z Readings:

'Clocks (Core #0)' Section + Core Voltage

- Core Speed = 4513.46MHz
- Multiplier = x 45.0
- Bus Speed = 100.3MHz
- Core Voltage = 1.284 V

During this I loaded up CoreTemp and in the section 'Processor #0: Temperature Readings' these were the results

- Tj. Max = 101C
- Power = 77.5 Watts
- Core #0 = 53C (Min: 25C - Max: 53C - Load: 100%)
- Core #1 = 55C (Min: 25C - Max: 55C - Load: 100%)
- Core #2 = 52C (Min: 25C - Max: 53C - Load: 100%)
- Core #3 = 55C (Min: 25C - Max: 55C - Load: 100%)

And are the temperatures okay? I'm not OC'ing anymore and this is my limit so does everything look okay?



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Looks fine to me. Depending on your memory you may want to make sure you've maxed your memory speed as well. Even though you OC your CPU, the MB will adjust the timings to keep the memory at its rated speed. As an example, my memory stock speed is "1370", but I can get it to run stable at "1866" with its max voltage.


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That's good news, well my memory is the G.Skill RipJawsX @ 1600Mhz 1.5v and I've went into my BIOS and it said my memory frequency was 1605.23MHz or something along those lines, so is that my memory maxed?

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You could squeeze a bit more out of them to 1866. Do a Google for your memory and overclocking, there are some posts out there. Mine can "officially" go to 1600 but I've maxed the voltage to their spec (1.65v), relaxed the timings a tad (10-10-9-27 vs 9-9-9-27) and selected 1866 in the BIOS. Sweet!

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