Overclocking AMD ATHLON II X3 425 2.7 to PHENOM II X4 2.7


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Hi guys just need a bit of advice about what i have just done:confused:

I have the above CPU ATHLON II x3 2.7 and ASUS M4A77D Mother board and iv been looking into over clocking it for to see what would happen so any way messing around in the BIOS in CPU setting is a menu called UNLEASH so i enabled it the it gave me the option to open cores on the CPU and there it was 4 CORES:cool: so i enabled that and saved changes reboot the pc and went into BIOS and it was showing PHENOM II X4 (AM3 938) 2.7ghz:cool: and L3 cache 6M.

Booted system up and ran CPU-Z this is showing the same ran Windows Eperience and that whent from 6.9 to 7.2 on processor score:)

Looking good also checked TEMP of cpu through BIOS and all seems fine fingers crossed.

Question is should i be looking out for somthing i dont know about because i done want to fry my CPU or will it be safe?

Paul Shirley

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Keep an eye on the temperature but I doubt you'll have a problem, 2.7Ghz is pretty low. It's vitally important that you thoroughly test the 4th core, currently Prime95 seems the best tool, before relying on it. You may need to tweak voltages, I strongly suggest you treat this as real overclocking and use one of the many specialist overclocking sites for detailed advice.

Sadly I've found no tools that can comprehensively test all the parts of a core in any believable way so its important you thrash any software you regularly use and see if there are problems. 1 of my cores doesn't much like video decoding at the max settings it passes Prime95 torture testing.

Finally: try overclocking in X3 mode. If you can get to 3GHz or better that's likely to give better results than [email protected], unless you regularly use loads able to max out 4 cores.

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