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Sep 2, 2001
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Just thought it fair to warn you.

I have been using these guys for 3 years now.

Prices are good - despatch is good. Had the misfortune to have to return something for the first time and have found their returns procedure to be lacking.

In order to return a product you have to contact them and request an RMA number. They will not give you one until you complete a form they send you and you have to post back. Then a few days later you will receive an RMA number.

Sent my product back by TNT and 2 weeks later I have nothing. Contacted them with proof of delivery and they said they will send out a new one. 1 week later - still nothing. 2 days trying to get through on the phone and its constantly engaged.

5 weeks in all. Er... and I still dont have my product.

So be warned - if it goes wrong you are in it for a long haul.
i had to return something once.. on a friday. they sent a replacement out that day, which got to me sat morning. and i sent my bit back on monday.. all sorted by tuesday.. i love em ;)

sorry to hear about your misfortune though

Aria.co.uk is the worst ever.. but thats another story heh
It took me about 3 months to get a refund and then it was only for half the amount, I'm still not sure I got a full refund in the end.
I bought my WC gear from them a couple of years ago but now avoid them like the plague. Too many friends have been burnt by them. They seem to be fine until you have to return something (although their delivery costs are very high - or were at least; haven't looked lately).

A mate recently waited 6 weeks for a simple RMA approval, then after he'd sent the duff item back (a 9600XT - tested in four very different systems) they sent it back to him saying they couldn't find a problem, charging £30 for "testing and return". On its way back it mysteriously got lost in the post and remains untraceable on the Royal Mail site. :rolleyes:

Komplett.co.uk impressed me recently - their computer system went down over Xmas and they did some serious ass kissing to make up for it. I had an RMA approved for replacement immediately - they just let me order a replacement item and refunded my credit card without even waiting for me to send the faulty item back. I usually use them or ebuyer these days (unless it's specialist stuff). :)

I have never had to return anything to Overclockers but there have been a few bad stories as of late.

I know that there entire RMA process is going under a much needed revamp and they intend to complete this in about 2 months time.

I have to agree that Komplett are a great company. I have never had a single problem with them. I would go as far as saying that they are my favourite place for my pc bits and bobs.

I came across Overclocker's bad reputation when I started to deal with Overclock.co.uk a completely different outfit, Overclock's forums were well populated by people who had had problems with Overclockers and had been confused with the similar names.

Overclock are very good IMX BTW, I've built 3 PCs with parts from them over the last 2 years.
In July 2003 I received a video card (Connect3D 9600 Pro) from Overclockers that was damaged and emailed [email protected].

After some emails they said I had to get a returns number. When I then asked for one I got the following response:

"I don't have the system or authority to issue a Returns number, this is something that Technical Support would have to do."

No email address, no offer to contact their own department on my behalf!

It took a total of 12 email (5 from me) messages to sort out a returns number.

By that time I had inserted the card and although damaged (a big capacitor had been knocked over and the circuit board was coming away) it worked so I didn't actually return it!

Late last year I had reason to contact them again because the fan on my card was making a horrendous noise. Needless to say in spite of emailing their order and support addresses I received no reply!

I eventually got a Zalman ZM80C-HP passive heatsink to restore my sanity (from The Cooling Shop).

Wish this thread was around last week. Just got a Asus 9600XT from them. Yet to try it out. Fingers crossed.
Th eonly dealings I've had with them is to email them half a dozen times asking when a particular graphics card would be in stock as I wanted to buy one. I didn't receive a single answer - so didn't buy from them.
August 2003: My Hercules Radeon 9700pro "dies" so I email ocuk for an RMA number, I received a reply containing the RMA number in a couple of days and sent the card back via royal mail spec delievry.
Didnt hear anything from them for weeks, No responces to my emails. I eventualy managed to contact them over the phone, and was told that a 9800non pro would be supplied to me as the 9700pros arent in production anymore.
Two weeks later nothing had arrived so I started to email them again as the phone was always engaged. So I emailed them again and was told the same story, accept this time the 9800 non pros werent availible, so they told me they were going to send me a 9800pro. Again waited for something to arrive and nothing ever did, meanwhile the date on the calander was Jan 2004 :eek:
So i started emailing all the availible email address on OCUK (apart from the spie one that i was saving as a last ditch attempt), No responces for a few days, then I received some rarther rude emails telling me to shut up, i was getting a good deal from this and that the card would be with me soon, by this time i had gone from receiving a herc 9700pro -> herc 9800np -> Saphire 9800pro. And after a week I received a Powercolor 9800 pro, when i contacted them asking why i wasnt getting a herc or the saphire card they promised me, i was told "no stock", When i asked for some compensation, as my 9700pro was worth alot more than a powercolor i was told that i wouldnt get anything.

By this time i was quite feed up dealing with them, so ive kept the pc 9800pro. But they have lost any future bussiness from me.

DrummerJohn, sorry to hear of you situation, I sugegst you get onto them via email/phone, other wise you will be left feeling like they have taken you for a ride. Which they are only too happy to do so it seams....
Wow - I didnt expect so many people to have received such poor service. You think it must be just you but low and behold within 24hrs of this post 8 others appear.

Thanks everyone - you have confirmed my worst fears - Overclockers are amateur and are to be avoided at all costs.

When a company gets this bad there is without a doubt more to it.... not that I wish it upon anyone but, I reckon they are going out of business or are planning to. Just a gut feeling.
Refused to give me an RMA number for a faulty Gainward Ti4200 (remember those :eek:) probably a few years ago now. E-mails went unanswered. Extremely rude on the phone too (when I finally got to speak to someone).

Gainward themselves were extremely helpful but out of principle, I demanded the retailer rectify the problem.

Finally got a refund (some 3 months later) after at least 20 e-mails & 5/6 calls from me.

I certainly wouldn't deal with them again.
I know my brother had some serious issues when trying to return faulty goods...

This link points to an interesting review of their customer service!
Good link.........fingers doubly crossed now.
I use to use a firm called The Overclocking Store which once sent me the wrong one HD 60 gb instead of 80gb. I rang them and they told me there and then a RMA number and to post it back first class and the would reimburse me for the postage. Got the new HD within a few days and the postage back.
But the last time I tried to use them they had gone, just found out why.

http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/51/31949.html :(
Originally posted by drummerjohn
not that I wish it upon anyone but, I reckon they are going out of business or are planning to. Just a gut feeling.
Far from going out of business mate. I've dealt with them only a few times but not had any problems. As Tesla said, they're giving the company some serious overhauls soon and the returns procedure is included in this.
Without going in to the boreing details here I will echo the comments about the poor returns service. Have bought many components over the last few years and had to return my first one recently. Not impressed....
If they're really making amends they should change their name and start over.

In case anybody needed any more convincing not to buy from them (lol), here's a friend's post regarding his experience:

Has anyone had any bad experiences with them? please share. My cousin made a rather large order, including 2 Athlon XP chips, when the order came, one was not present, we called up overclockers and they were less than helpful, almost totally denying any responsibility for their shipment, we're seeing now to take further steps, as 300 quid is not a small issue, i've dealt with them for almost 4 years, but never had to do returns or deal with such issues...

OcUK stopped responding to their e-mails altogether after a while, but they were fortunate enough to be able to get the £300 back from the credit card company.

Ordered quite a lot of stuff from them over the last 5 or 6 years. Nothing for the last year or so though (no need for any bits). Had to return some memory once about 18 months ago) as it wasn't what I ordered. Rang the tech support, and he was confused as what they'd sent wasn't even something they sold. I thin he thought I was pulling a fast one and trying to swap something I bought elsewhere. Discussed it for 10 mins or so, he gave me an RMA number. I sent it off. 3 days later replacement (and correct) RAM turned up. My only gripe was I had to pay the return postage. No probs at all apart from that.
well, i just spent £400 with them!!!

The order included 2 acrylic cases, so i'm praying they turn up without damage!!
I bought a ''new'' P4 from them early 2002. Box was already opened and virtually half the pins were bent, took over three hours to carefully bend them all back into shape.
It did work though, but I wasn't impressed!
Well, i just tried to get a "status" on my order, however my order number does not exist on their system.......thats a good start!"

So i cut and paste the order number, thinking maybe i thought a 0 was an o, but no same problem. So i've dropped them a mail.....and erm in an automated response mail, they only reply to mails over night?!?!?
Tell me about it, and technical sales too.

I went through three items before eventually getting one (fourth) that worked how I wanted it to; even after getting it in writing from Technical Sales.

RMA said I would get refund on all postage, because I had to post back recorded delivery. I had to supply receipts etc. although I would've thought the stamp is proof of posting cost.

When the refunds eventually came back, all for cost of item only; not including price of posting to me or me returning. :mad: I got bored chasing for the rest of my money, apparently it's "not policy" to refund postage. :thumbsdow

I use overclock.co.uk these days -- who, even though slightly more expensive, have Customer Service to die for. Really helpful and friendly and great at returns / swaps. :clap:

Ordered my DVD-RW from there and it arrived nice and quick, worked fine so was quite happy (although I couldnt get the order tracking to work at all). Was just about to order and entire new PC's worth of bits from them but stumbled across this thread and that link posted earlier where their customer rating turns out not to be very good if you need to return something. Due to this I think I am going to put my order somewhere else. Havent built a PC for a couple of years, but do remember the problems that can occur quite well and dont want to risk having to deal with a company whose customer service sounds quite so horrendous - shame really as their prices are some of the best out there. Guess as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Love them here.

Just check out their forums. Thats a sign of how good they really are.
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