Over the edge....lougher bridge


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Hi All

Not much time this month ....took my D80 in to work this morning and had some nice pics of the harbour got a few of the harbour edge but prefered the amazing blue of the shots on the way home.....stunning evening

tried again with HDR although only gently..:D

its lost quite alot of res in the downsize Im happy as I feel Im learning (albeit slowly)

thanks for looking

exif should be there Zone let me know if not


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Hi trev was this taken this evening.I went over the bridge about 20.00pm,And made a mental note of the water rushing through and around the struts.Lovely shot and great composition:thumbsup: Im having trouble linking it to the theme though,Maybe an explanation is in order;)


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Morning Alex ...yeah it was taken tonight....erm last night...friday :)

well its over the edge of a bridge....:) its also one I wouldnt liked to have fallen over either in that state as it was shifting

Im not going to get much chance to do a great deal else for the rest of the month

I'll stick some of the other more 'over the edge' pics in its not valid....but I liked this one more :D



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I Know Si

And thank you for the positive comment M8 :smashin:

But I liked it better than the more 'over the edge' shots (Ive posted in 'its not valid')
I didnt think I was going to have a great deal of time to get a better shot into the comp (and love entering) so went with what i liked..

To be honest the longer this goes on I also think I went with the wrong one for the comp...

Its just nice to be here :)



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Excellent photo in its own right mate:smashin:

Although its not on theme at all, cant blame you for posting it though, it is as you say just nice to be here:cool:


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Great shot Trev....love the way you have captured to sky...
Looks like you are having fun with your new toy ;)


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Cheers Anita

Im still loving my new toy ta very much

I had my 50mm and my circular polarisor today....more toys
<----big kid
going to have a bash with em over the weekend as the weather is meant to be nice

thanks again

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