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Over ear headphones under £100


Distinguished Member
Hi all
I've had some Beats Solo HD headphones that have served me well over the last few years but they have started to show signs of failing (cracking right ear). As they're out of warranty by a good few years I thought I would look around for a replacement.

I've read some reviews and the AKG K550 seem to come out on top. I have a budget of MAX £100 and I can get these for £99 (plus some VIP discount I think) from Richer Sounds...

AKG K550Black On Ear Closed Back Headphones

Ignore that - all sold out in Richer Sounds Newcastle but can pick up a pair online!

Before I pop in to town tomorrow to buy a pair, does anyone have any other recommendations? I'm not fussed on wired/wireless, noise cancelling etc - just want over ear and absolute max budget is £100.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Distinguished Member
Should add, it is mainly for using with my phone for music (Android - so volume/mic controls a bonus) and on my PC for music/video/movies


Well-known Member
I have the AKG K550's and they are excellent for the price. Easy to drive so they'll work well with your phone. Very similar sound signature to my Sennheiser HD600's but lacking the punch (for use of a better word), which is to be expected as the Senns are regarded so highly. A lot of my music listening is done through my tablet so the AKG's serve me well in that respect.
I don't think you'll be disappointed if you get the AKG's but it might be worth waiting for more reply's first, as someone might be in a position where they've done a comparison with other 'phones in the same price range.


Distinguished Member
thanks for the reply mate. I did a bit of reading last night and came up with a few models that I am looking at.

AKG K550
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
Grado SR80e

and the cheaper AKG Y50

Would love to hear comments on these with any additional recommendations.

WRT to the Grados - they are open backed - something I have read about but never owned or listened to. I'm mainly going to be listening to music in the office so not fussed about sound leaking out but there may be times I use them when on the train - does the open back issue really pump a lot of sound out?


Distinguished Member
Having spent A LOT of time reading reviews, checking prices etc I have come to the conclusion that the AKG Y50s might be the best bet for me.

I was balking at the £90+ asking prices of the Grado, AKG K550 and M50x - they all seem fantastic, all get amazing reviews but I can pick up a set of Y50s for £50 tomorrow from Argos/Currys. They too get fantastic reviews and whilst I am sure they are nowhere near as good as the others, they will do for me I am sure. The bonus is they have Android compatible controls.

Really do regret being nice to my wife 6 months ago and letting her take my BD D770 Pros to work. I kind of just meant for a day or 2 but she seems to have become attached to them!


Active Member
I've been looking too. I've found that the Polk Buckle might be a decent bet for about £50. It has come down from a massive £200 per pair. I think they might be worth the risk.


Standard Member
Wait for Black Friday, prices will definitely be lower for most headphones. Last time I got the HD598 from Amazon.fr for £67, don't think any of my future headphone purchases will ever beat that.

I'd just recommend buying the DT770 again, those headphones are just so comfortable. If mine broke right now I'll just buy another one. I don't think I could step down in sound quality, I'd end up regretting it every time I use the lower quality headphone.

Though, if I had to choose it'd be K550, a somewhat sideward upgrade from the DT770, since the K550 more neutral compared to the bassy M50X, in many cases the K550 is just plain better.


Active Member
just bought some momentum over ear for £95 second hand though.

i dont know why, but i just dont trust the AKG brand. even though Quincy Jones has his own range on there.


Senior Moderator
Celebrity branding. N90Q show demo was interesting but i have never gotten too excited over akg

I agree with catching sales, although the heavy discounting of the on ear momentum last year 2014 was due to the imminent line refresh that followed early 2015. Timing a holiday to Japan with headphone shopping goes very far.

Try to get the Sony MDR line on sale. Not neutral. Bass bias. Comfort kings. I own the MDR 1R mk2 (not released here, Tokyo purchase). 1R now superceded by newer models


Distinguished Member
Ended up getting the y50s for £50. Over the moon with them for that price. They're excellent

cR4cKF0x 5TevE

Well-known Member
I've been looking too. I've found that the Polk Buckle might be a decent bet for about £50. It has come down from a massive £200 per pair. I think they might be worth the risk.
Where are these available for £50??

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