Oval foldaway screens?


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A few years ago I saw (at a show) some very neat screens that came with a clip solution for the ceiling. The entire 16:9 screen fitted within an oval tensions & sprung frame that you could fold away into a carry case.

Would anyone know the name of that screen/product, and if such things still exist?




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Hi Paul,

There was a company making them, but they don't seem to be in business anymore. I can't remember their name.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a similar alternative on offer by any other company.

That leaves you tripods and roll up screens as possible options that can easily be stowed when not in use.


Pop up Dragon

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strange that, i looked at one of these ages ago for the garden, never did anything about it(she thought it was silly putting something up for the odd evening). yesterday i was chatting to a guy in a shop about some second hand cables and guess what he tried to flog me on a deal...you guessed a nuvu screen, he was talking about silly cheap if i got one with a load of the cables i was looking at.
the guy is called tim and his number is01502 582853, nice bloke and knows his stuff.
still didnt buy one but if someone is looking they are at a silly price:clap:


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Fantastic Screens. I have had mine for a while.
Very flat, no creases and it folds down to an 80cm circle.
I am pleased I bought mine when I did. :)

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