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Dec 31, 2003
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hello, couple of q's here:

firstly I have a jamo dvr50 player that can output a pal/ntsc prog scan picture.
I've connected it to a PAnny Ae500 projector.

I thought that the proj itself tries to de-interlace any signal recieved, so inputs should be interlaced? (i've defaulted the component outs from the jamo to give interlaced now)

If I send a prog signal from dvd to proj, the picture has darker lines coming and going randomly on the picture. Is this because the proj is detecting progressive YPbPr and switching off its de-interlacing chip allowing me to see the Jamo's deinterlacing chip's efforts (which isn't as good)? Or is the proj not able to convert the incoming prog signal to prog scan (as it already is) so it can't quite cope and shows an interference type picture?
Or is this how you're meant to do it and I've done something wrong?

Can anyone help?

I'm going mad.......(der than usual)

PS the lines aren't green or sparkly (like normal interference). Also, they don't go across the whole screen but only in certain areas (eg, LOTR EE in the menu, just before the book page opens, they're to the left of book, they re-appear for a flash in the map of mordor in the Kate Blanchett introduction, and then at the battle, and randomly then on).
The lines are actually just darker shades of what's underlying them

If I change the jamo's outputs back to interlaced component, this stops happening and the picture quality is excellent with not a hint of flicker.
Any ideas?


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