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I have a cinema room that contains both a philips tv and an optoma projector. Both devices support 4k HDR + 3D.

I use an Xbox One X to output media to the devices.
The audio is output via optical to a sonos playbar + rears with exception of when gaming occurs and then the output is via optical to a 7.1 gaming headset.
The Xbox and TV are at the front of the room. The projector is at the back of the room. The distance between the Xbox and the projector is roughly 10m.

I have a few challenges that I would like some guidance on.

1. Switching visual output

I don't want to be unplugging HDMI cables in the back of the xbox to output to different devices. I would prefer that the output is sent to both projector and TV and then I decide which device I use by switching it on to receive the signal. I think my options are either having something that boosts the signal to 2 outputs or something that switches the output between the two - I don't mind having to press a button to switch between the two outputs. My concern with the first option is that signal might not be good enough.

2. Switching audio output

Similar to the visual output, I would like something that either splits/boosts the audio (without loss) or a button to switch which device the audio output goes to.

3. Distance of HDMI cable

The projector says "input not found" when directly connected to the Xbox One X, however when it goes via a cheap (USB + plug powered) splitter I got off ebay (link below), it does work. This appears to be a good solution, however the TV signal has noise when splitting the signal. I suspect this device is operating as some form of boost of the signal. My initial thoughts are that the cable is too long, or I have bough a very cheap splitter and I am better off finding a different one.

HDMI 1 in 2 out 1080p 4K Switch Switcher Selector Splitter Hub Signal Amplifier | eBay

Any help/Advice would be much appreciated!


You will want a splitter that supports HDMI 2.0 18Ghz.

I just got the 1 in 4 out vertion of this one, and it seems to work perfectly, however not tested full 18Ghz signal true yet.

The one you linked to is a HDMI 1.4 wich is outdated compared to your HDMI 2.0 player tv and projector. wich can actually explain why your projector works with that one if your cable is to long for HDMI 2.0.

HDMI 2,0 cables will normaly max out at 7,5m, if using a longer cable you might get problems, and you will need a different type of cable.

Using the splitter you should be able to split the cable lengths like 3m out of the player towards the projector, and then run a 3m cable back to the tv, whatever make it work.

Can recommend these cables up to 7,5m, nice solid plugs, flexible cable and cheap.
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Thanks so much for the reply. I'll check out both of those links. Any ideas on the optical out splitter?/switch


Not something i played with, however be aware when you buy on ebay from Chine, there is a lot of crap, also good stuff, its just hard to figure out.
Dont let you fool by the 4K specs, make sure its 4K HDMI 2.0 18Ghz and the same device can cost from 10-150£ so worth digging around 20min to find the best deal.
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