Output wireless or wired but not both together Help Required

Have a problem with output from AVR or TV but not both together.

TV Panasonic TX-65FZ802B OLED

Denon AVC-X3700H works fine with hard wired pair of kef speakers in addition Yamaha wired sub when the Denon is turned on.

Also have wireless Denon Home pair used as surround with wireless Denon sound bar 550 this set only works when the Denon AVC-X3700H is turned off!

Denon is connected to Old type sky box output HDMI E-ARK to ARK

Any Help please.


Welcome to the Forum.

Can you clarify your speaker arrangement. You have a 5.1 or higher surround system of hard wired speakers connected to the Denon. You also have a wireless soundbar with surround speakers connected to the Panny. That's how I reading it.

The soundbar should be connected to HDMI 2 (ARC) on the Panny. Your Denon should be connected to HDMI 1 on the Panny. If you use the HDMI passthrough on the Denon then connect the Sky box to the Denon. When you don't want to use the Denon but use the soundbar the audio can be passed easily to the soundbar via ARC.

If you want to use ARC for the Denon connection for the inbuilt Apps then is it possible to connect the soundbar by optical, there will be no loss of audio quality over HDMI as it's always lossy SD audio 5.1 Dolby from the Panny. I have the 65FZ802 and a Denon amp connected and found HDMI ARC to be rather iffy and prefer to use optical.

The two systems shouldn't be used in conjunction.
Hi, thanks for the reply. The AVR-X3700H has built in surround connectors, so we connected this to the network, thinking it will auto play surround. Tried your idea but we get sound but no picture, even shifting to AVI 1 or AVI 2, only way is AVR-X3700H E-ARK to ARK 2.
The Sound bar is on the network and powers fine on the network with no wires, as do the surround speakers, sound bar by optical from the TV makes no difference.

Your last comment, "The two systems shouldn't be used in conjunction" is what i am trying to do, use both together.
How can i get the AVR-X3700H amp to power the speakers ?

Next option is to use

HEOS AMP HS2 to convert wired to wireless ?​

Wireless Zone Amplifier can this be used in conjunction ? any advice please


I've never used, nor are likely to, Heos. I have a fully wired speaker set up. I'm afraid I cannot help on this aspect. With my set up (X6500) I have SkyQ connected by HDMI to the Cab/Sat input. I have a 4K player to the HDMI (for audio only) and a Blu ray player to the DVD HDMI input. My FZ802 is connected via optical to the Denon.

Using HDMI passthrough to HDMI 2 (ARC) on the Panny this is for the SkyQ and Blu ray signals. I use HDMI 1 on the Panny for video only from the 4K player.

This is for a purely hard wired set up. Configured correctly under Input Assign you should have full video and audio.

Your wireless should only be connected to the Panny, the Denon will have to be left out of that one as unless the wireless surrounds are receiving via an external wireless signal. This would require a separate sender connected via the surround pre-outs.

You will have to forget trying to integrate the soundbar and wireless surrounds from that soundbar into the system. The soundbar will have it's own DAC and thus outputs the front three channels into the bar itself and send the two remaining channels via wireless. However the Denon and soundbar are not compatible.

Is there any reason why you would not want, or cannot place, a good pair of hard wired surround speakers? Then just use the soundbar when you don't want the Denon in full voice. Set up properly the Denon is simply going to slay the soundbar and wireless surrounds.
Hi, Nice AMP layout is the same as AVR-X3700H just you have twice the power! the issue i have must be the old type sky box and TV, not E-ARK , we have had sky Q but had to return it for issues and went back to the old sky box.

Had the house wired up with KEF, it was perfect, but had this brain wave about using wireless [My mistake] just had an extension put on, had to re-lay, laid the floor and pulled up the cables.

So the next brain wave is to use HEOS HS2 AMP.
To join the lot together so i can get the full surround back again, joining the old wired to the new system.

May be start a new thread ?

Thanks for your help.


The FZ isn't e-ARC either. Everything in the chain must be e-ARC otherwise it reverts to standard ARC. ARC only effects the audio, hence audio return channel. The Sky box doesn't need ARC at all because it's only an output.
May be start a new thread ?
Not allowed under rule 8 I'm afraid. You can edit your thread title to reflect the issue. However what you're wanting to achieve with your current kit just won't work. They are two separate delivery systems.

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