Output sound from a crt Tv to yamaha av59 ss?


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Helping a relative of mine, he has a Toshiba CRT TV 28ZH46 http://www.home-entertainment.toshi...descreen43tv-100hznicamtv-28zh46?opendocument

He wants to output sound from this TV to his Yamaha av59 package, the A/V reciever is RX359 i think but the only output ive found would be the headphone socket on the front. it only has to scart sockets and aerial on the back but they are inputs same with the composite connections on the front they are inputs.

so is it possible?


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Does he use a freeview box, if so use the L +R audio outs to the receiver then no need for anything from the tv


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He does have freeview, and have suggested it to him but he also wants it from terrestrial from telly itself.Ive no idea why but thats what he asked me.


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Well, usually Scart sockets can be outputs as well as inputs, probably the second scart if the not the first (RGB) as well.....

you can pick up fairly cheap Scart to stereo RCA adapters, some are just scart to stereo, others will have a yellow composite as well....doesnt matter which, should be able to get them from any shop such as Dixons or from Amazon or Maplins etc...

if the Scart doesnt output at all, then just get a 3.5mm to stereo RCA adaptor and use the headphone output...
(assuming the headphone output is 3.5mm, they usually are)

edit: just checked the diagrams for the TV and the Scarts look like they are two way (input and output) so i'd recommend that method if he doesnt need both for input....if he does then use the headphone socket method...

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