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Having purchased a CD recorder, I wanted to record some material off music channels from the TV/Sky. I also have a DVD AV receiver which my tv is connected to. However, when my CD recorder is connected to the DVD AV Receiver (via analog phono), I have to adjust the recording level to 0db but the sound is so quiet that when a CD has been finalized, and played in another CD player, I have to turn the volume to maximum to hear it!:mad:

But, connecting the CD recorder level direct to my TV (analog phono) i have to adjust the recording level to -18db otherwise I get distortion!! :eek:

As far as I am aware, both the TV and DVD AV receiver's outputs are fixed at line level so does anyone know why the TV is giving better audio quality than the receiver?

Any suggestions will be a great help!

Is there anyone out there that can shed some light on this?

Budville unless Im missing something it sounds like your AV recievers tape loop is stuffed (this should be the RCA output you should be using to the CD-R for analogue copying IMHO), especially if you hook up the the TV direct and get no problem from the TV to CDR, FWIW dude I tape a lot of Nicam stereo programmes onto Minidisc direct from the VCR audio output as this has a better tuner than the TV, I don’t have sky so cant comment on that side of things, but if your TV audio output should be going into the AV Amp Aux/Video line inputs and out to the CD-R via tape output RCAs. Does it sound OK via the Amp like this ?


My AV Amp isnt a proper AV amp. its the Sony DAV-S300 (Dont know if you are familiar with this?) so They are just standard phono inputs and out puts. My TV's audio outs are connected to one of the DAV-S300 analog inputs via phono and the TV plays thru the DAV-S300 speakers just fine. I have also connected the CD Recorder to the DAV-S300 and any CD's played, will be reprduced by the speakers just fine as well. However, if I connect the out put of the DAV-S300 to the input of the CD Recorder, the recording level is sooooooooooo low!! I just dont understand it.

Do you reckon I have a fault? I cant connect it to my VCR as I only have a crappy MONO one!
Hey Bud

Im not familiar with what the back panel of a “home cinema in box” reciever like the S300, but I think the problem your having is that you are not connecting to a proper “Tape Loop” this basically means that when you hook up any source to the DAV 300 that the signal is not passed through the AV Amps pre amp of the unit (Ive checked the bumph on the Sony site for this unit) and I cant find any mention of a tape loop in fact this is the official description of what you are doing with connecting the TV/Sky box via the phono leads :

Phono Leads from TV to Video-1/2 Audio input on the DAV, Presents the Audio of the TV program being viewed to the Receiver/Amplifier. To hear the audio, select Video-1/2 as the signal source on the Receiver/Amplifier.

There is no mention whatsoever of a tape loop so you are in fact probably hearing a really low level distorted signal when you hook up to your CDR, best thing I can suggest is that you simply connect up the TV/Sky box directly to the CDR inputs when your recording then replace then in the AV (audio) input when you wish to listen via the S300.

Thanks CJ

I was hoping to avoid the pulling out and replacing of leads but never mind!!

By the way, I think the Philips CDR 775 is nice piece of kit for the price!!

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