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    I am thinking of purchasing the 300. I am wondering about the output power into 4 or 8 ohms of 100 WPC. I have read in many places that the 4 ohms in the best amps should double the power. The 300 as above has the same 100 WPC in 4 or 8 ohms. Would someone explain to me this seeming discrepancy in the information. Thank you.

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    Hi Jesse -

    The spec is correct - you get 100WPC (all channels driven at 1kHz) continuous output power into 4 or 8 ohms. Note that most competitors only quote the power output into a maximum of 2 channels at any one time - there is a lot of "marketingese" in the AV business!

    There is a switch on the back of the AVR300 to select the speaker impedance - if you have true 8 ohm speakers everywhere set it to 8 ohms, if not use the 4 ohm setting. There is less voltage swing (by about 2 dB) and more peak current available on the 4 ohms setting, as you would expect. The loss in maximum volume is barely noticeable.

    By doing this we can optimise the available power output into different loads without any risk of overheating the amplifier or overdriving the output transistors.

    As a separate observation, in real life it is very rare if ever that you will be using all of this output power without your ears bleeding - most listening will be done at average powers of a couple of watts per channel. So don't get too hung up on any of this - but do try to audition your chosen products on high quality music (without any video) as well as movies. In my experience this is much better at showing up the audible differences between products. Two channel listening is generally perfectly adequate here.


    John Dawson (Arcam)

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