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:hiya: all,

can people let me know if they know of a dvd player that will output pal as pal and ntsc as ntsc, i will be connecting it to a projector through component
and be able to upscale to 720 and 1080. i would prefere the player to be able to switch automatically between pal and ntsc.
i have looked at samsung 850-950 and have been told you have to change ntsc and pal in the menu setting, but does this out put ntsc as ntsc and pal as pal.
a new machine i have seen is the lg dvx9900h, i have been told by lg that its
ntsc signal is changed to pal, is there anyone who has one of these machines and what it is like.
:lease: post any machines that you know of, i want to spend up to £250.00 max. thanks :thumbsup:


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I dunno about the Ntsc being converted to Pal?? however ive just got a Neuneo player which cost me about £200 ish all in. It upscales to 720p 1080i and 1080p through component. The player has switched automatically for me everytime ive put a different disc in, ive never had to change any settings on the player and for me, running it through my PJ the picture is a HUGE improvement.

Check the spec on the player to see if it suits your needs, i havent seen any of the other main players in action so cant comment, but for me this is a great little peice of kit!

See what you think?





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ross, did you order the neuneo 2085 player direct from neuneo or from ebay,
if from ebay can you let me know who the supplied it or where you got it from :lease: . thanks


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You could also look at a Momitsu V880DX it plays both native formats or converts either way. Also upscales component or DVI, and you can set a custom resolution to get perfect pixel matching to your display. They cost about 180 quid.

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