output from pc to multiple amps in different rooms?


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i need some help/advice..

at the moment im running a pc running a touchscreen jukebox software and i have a 3.5mm splitter in the headphone port on the machine and have a 3.5mm stereo cable running to both amps (each are in different areas of the house) and plugs into the AUX IN port and i get sound from the pc by select the AUX input on the respective amp and can adjust the sound independently in each 'zone.'

i might need to upgrade this to be able to add connection to 2 more amps in the the upstairs area of the house, the problem is that i cant do what i've done already, as ripping up the walls to channel some cables upstairs isnt an option.

using a different bit of software isnt an option as i like the touchscreen jukebox s/w im using now, i've upgraded from the demo version as it does/did what i need to.

what options do i have?


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Devolo do audio over powerline adaptors, maybe worth investigating.
I use their similar adaptors for networking with no complaints.

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