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Hi all,

Having just bought and installed Microsoft Office - I want to know how to get Outlook (e-mails are all I'm worried about) to work.

I've figured out that it's about the 'Accounts' section - but it asks for both incoming and outgoing e-mail server details, or somesuch.

How does one find out the correct entries/addresses for these fields? Is this indeed where and how one should set Outlook up to handle your e-mails?

I had before been getting Outlook to seek out my Tesco e-mail account - but only found the address for it by sheer fluke. But I don't want my main e-mail account to have to communicate to Outlook by using my tesco.net e-mail account as a conduit - I hate the Tesco account, for one.

I need essentially to know how to get Outlook to communicate directly with my e-mail account. :confused:

Thanks in advance, all - and I hope this isn't stretching too far the definition of and purpose behind this section of the forum!


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who is your 'main email account' hosted with?

yahoo? aol? uk2? your ISP?

you'll be able to find the details of the inbound (pop) and outbound (SMTP) servers from their websites/support pages...

you're in the right place in Ooutlook, once you have the inbound and outbound servers setup, and your mailbox username/password, you're all done.

Once you have got this far, Outlook will be configured to handle your Email..
Also look in tools> send/recieve> send/recieve settings> define send/recieve groups to config how & when outlook checks for new mail etc..

Go to your isp's homepage they should have the details there, for most of them it goes like this:

Incoming: pop.NAMEOFISP.com

Outgoing: smtp.NAMEOFISP.com

so if your ISP is "ntlworld" it would go

Incoming: pop.ntlworld.com

Outgoing: smtp.ntlworld.com

But for some mailservers, usually the ones you pay for it goes;

Incoming: mail.NAMEOFISP.com

Outgoing: mail.NAMEOFISP.com


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Hey dudes!

Most-helpful indeed. I was aware of being somewhat lazy about it :rolleyes: - where half of my concern could've been resolved by my being a bit more savvy - but the other half - incoming mail server - I have had a lot of trouble with - guessing the correct entry, etc.

On account of all your useful help though - I thought to type 'webmail.hotchilli.uk' into the incoming field bit - and voila - it worked!! :rolleyes: I always thought that it would've been something much more complicated and technical than that - like numbers and stops and things.

So - thanks all - absolute lifesavers as usual - and thanks for patience and gentle-handling!

Wishing you all a good weekend...


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