Outlook 2007 slow since Windows Update


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Havn't noticed on my Vista lappy or works XP desktop Stiggy. You using 7?
Yes, I'm on Windows 7.

I just wanted some feedback from other users before I start uninstalling updates. I've done a defrag of my disk and a compaction of the .pst file, but it's still really slow compared to before the updates.


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Wondered why Outlook 2007 was so slow after update, i was going to look into this tonight, you saved me allot of time mate , thanks :smashin:

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Mm, I have that update installed and my Outlook is just the same. May be I'm just lucky!

EDIT: SWMBO's XP & Office 2007 as ground to a snails pace with that update.
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I was having the same issue and thought it was the amount of emails kicking around in it - ah well I did clear 90mb of sent mails :)

Uninstalled the update and it's really quick now


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Vista/Outlook 2007. Outlook slowed to a crawl today almost a fortnight after the update.

Un installing KB2412171 fixed it.


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I have Vista and Outlook 2007 was grinding to a halt. I deleted loads no effect.

Just uninstalled the "Office Outlook 2007 update: December 14, 2010"

and back to normal. I note message below from Microsoft!

"Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available."


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Thanks Guys.

My Outlook ground to a halt but I had just deleted an Exchange account so I assumed that this had somehow caused it.
Uninstalling KB2412171fixed the issue immediately.
Others may be interested to note that I had also lost the ability to autoarchive and the autoarchive tab disappeared from the folders properties. All this came back after uninstalling KB2412171.


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KB2412171 (January 11, 2011) is offered in this months patches.

Cannot find any info yet if this patch has been updated and fixed.

I have installed it and up to now the previous issues have not recurred.

HaslemereShrimp. The autoarchive tab is available to me.

Will give it a few days trial.
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