Outdoor wireless, weather proof speakers

Monty Burns

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Hey guys

just done a search and the only hits are over a year old so.....

I'm looking to spend ...er ... prolly £100(?) on a pair of wireless, weather proof speakers. Now i've been doing some googling and there appear to be loads for this budget BUT because of this, I have no idea what are good and bad!

These will be used outside in all months. Ideally, i'd like to be able to expand them by pairing up another couple at a later date. They should also be able to be run on battery or mains. They will be connected to a PC and so can either be plugged in by Optical SPDIF or 3.5mm. I'm not interested in "rock" looking speakers ... although I doubt i'd get them for this price anyway!

Does anyone have any and can recommend some please?

Thanks loads!:thumbsup:

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