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I am currently using a pair of Sonos PLAY 3's for outdoor music duties however plugging them in/unplugging them and taking them indoors everytime is not the best experience so looking for some recommendations for a pair of permanent speakers that I can pair with a Rotel RA12 amp, the speakers will be mounted on a wall at ear height when sat down and approx 15ft apart (security is not an issue so not worried about some tea leaf having them away)

Looking for something with the similar sound quality of B & W 685/686 but obviously designed for permanent outdoor installation.
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Hope you don’t mind the bump, also looking for some out door speakers and considering Yamaha NSAW392. Any thoughts from anyone?

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You haven't said what type of music, is it for a bit of background music or loud disco levels and how large a space needs to be sounded. A picture of the mounting environment, including an indication of mounting height and the main listening areas, budget and any aesthetic requirements, would help.


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I’m using Polk Audio atrium speakers for atmos duties, cos they’re white and have full range drivers and easy to mount.

They are outdoor speakers and look as though they are up to the job, though I’ve never checked them out for garden duties! They are 2-way design with decent sized bass drivers and sensible tweeters and come in a range of sizes. May be worth checking out....

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They're foreign (USA) and you gotta be an "authorised custom integrator" to buy from them?

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