Outdoor setup at rugby club

paul sheff

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Hi guys , been an age since I set up my cinema room at home and since I posted on the forums but after some advise

my lads rugby club is in a bad state with regards making ends meet and in major debt due toa shocking running committee and we are looking at ways to raise some much needed funds to get us back in the green,

I have had the idea of maybe-looking at setting up an outdoor cinema type event at the club ,fasten a screen to the rugby H and get a projector setup to show a movie , sell pop corn. BBQ money over the bar etc

what sort of speaker setup would be required and how would we go about rigging it all up,

cheers in advance

I do know you can hire out company’s to do all this for you but a quick google search is looking like £1800ish for this to be done , which means you need a lot of peoplebefore the club even starts making a profit after covering costs


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The first problem you would need to overcome is getting a license to display a movie. I'm sure it's not cheap.
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