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Outdoor projector recommendation with some unique requirements please


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I started this project last summer and tried a few projectors that didn't work out, mostly trial and error. I'd like to get it right this time and am hoping for some input.
I'll do my best to provide specifics on everything,

Note, currently based on the attached pics, my DeerTV box is under the pergola, I want it to sit on top of the pergola. Easy to move L/R resting on top if necessary, and basically hidden and out of the way. This is VERY IMPORTANT to meet the wife acceptance factor.

Bottom edge of screen (white part) is 30" from the ground.
Height of the screen (white part) is 67", so top of screen (white part) is 97" above the ground
Width of the screen is 121"

Throw distance from screen to front of DeerTV box is ~144". Probably a little less once it's on top of the pergola as I can slide it closer to the front edge and also want to make sure the pergola isn't in the way of the light output as it might be if it's set further back.
So throw ratio is approx 1.2 if I calculated that correctly.

The lens height of the projector on top of the pergola would be at approximately 100", maybe a few inches higher depending on how tall the projector is and where the center of the lens is located.

Here's the rub, I don't want to turn the projector upside down in the DeerTV box (like a ceiling projector would be mounted). I ran into issues doing that because
a) I had to move the projector to get to any controls on the top that weren't motorized and controllable from the remote. Major PITA trying to align the projector with screen and focus (not an issue if projector has remote control L/R/U/D lens shift/focus/zoom but I don't think there's anything with this without a 5 figure price tag)
b) almost all the projectors I tried had a rounded top so didn't sit flat and combining this with a) above, even more major PITA. I need to be able to set this up when it's relatively dark and don't want to spend hours climbing up and down a ladder trying to tweak things)
c) some projectors had fans on the top so I can't place them upside down on a flat surface, blocking the airflow.

Ideal projector would have
a) high light output so it can be used earlier in the evening (I read every 1000 lumens was good for about 30 minutes earlier use)
b) BIG vertical lens shift downward (when not upside down)
c) Ideally light pattern is 80s style "V" shape so the right side up projector would project lower than most projectors that are more of a "7" light pattern
d) it needs to fit inside the DeerTV box (interior dimensions Width 18.3, Depth 21.9, Height 6.9 inch Or ( Width 46.5, Depth 55.5, Height 17.5 cm ))
e) I'd like to keep cost under ~2Kish

Less important, 4K vs 1080p (source will primarily be a 4K TiVo mini but there isn't a lot of 4K programming happening there)
I will go up in $$$ by maybe 40-50% if there is a good reason to do so
Refurb or used is OK
PQ not really relevant, I'm not going for a home theater experience here. It will mostly be used by teens and to watch 8pm NFL games.

I was considering the Viewsonic X100-4K (I've read about the contrast issues). I believe the lens shift when right side up is DOWN ONLY up to 65 degrees. It also projects in the "V" pattern so before any shift, at 100" lens height, the bottom of the picture should be at (please double check my logic) 50" above ground, or about 20" from the bottom of the screen, so I'd need to lens shift downward 20" which is I think 40%? It doesn't have the greatest light output, but I couldn't find anything else that would work. Not a single projector using the projectorcentral search database. Sony had a couple of older 5500 lumen laser projectors around $2K refurb that were flat on top that might work upside down, but they were too wide to fit in the DeerTV box and I'd really like to avoid upside down.

Any feedback or projector ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please note I am NOT handy at all and building anything is probably not going to happen unless I can have my handy guy do it.



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Upon further research it appears I had the lens shift backwards on the X100-4K. It too would have to be upside down to shift downwards. That leaves me with zero projector options unless I raise my screen up about 20" :(.

Screenshot 2021-05-14 161901.png
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