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I have a screened in backyard that has a 12 foot overhang. I was going to get a TV for outback but then started tinkering with the idea of getting a projector to shoot on 100 inch screen. Is a projector a bad choice for outside daytime use even with the overhang. It’s not direct sunlight but it’s gets pretty bright here in sunny Florida. I want this mainly to watch football.


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Really is a waste of time IMV, unless you can make it dark inside,it will not be bright enough to have a watchable image. If you were looking at a 100" screen best to get the biggest tv you can, the image will be much brighter to enable you to see the action.

Large screen tv's are pretty cheap these days and an 85" screen can be had for not much over £2000 here and in the U.S. maybe even less second hand. You don't need the top makes a budget model will do.Look at the Sony below for a cheap budget screen from a top make.



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Agreed. You will need 7000 lumens plus to get a decent image with enough brightness, even without any direct sunlight. A TV is going to be cheaper and will provide a better image.

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