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Hi Guys,

My father in law has a holiday property in Ukraine which is very isolated (ie no mobile signals) and has considerable amount of land (approx 500-600m behind the house). They have a wired internet service and I'm keen to cover the whole outdoor area with wifi to provide some external comms whilst I am there later in the summer.

The house is very solid and the existing router is a small thing which can barely penetrate the walls so I'm keen to supplement it with a decent WAP that will power a larger external aerial which I can mount on the roof. Are any of you able to advise on a reasonably priced combination which would provide decent coverage over that kind of area?




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The problem won't be getting a decent power WAP, the problem will be the WAP receiving anything from your phone/notebook/etc if it's that far away. You could try something like this, or better yet call/email those guys and ask them what they'd suggest. They've been very helpful for me so far.


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500M will be fine on an external directional antenna. Don't forget it boosts reception as well as transmission.

I used a single ended system with a 20DB "Dustbin Lid" antenna with about 30 degrees of coverage and could easily connect nearly a mile away on a standard latop. You will need one dish per "sector" of 30 degrees (Or whatever dish gain and directionality you end up with)

Mount it nice and high and use decent cable down to the router. You want the really thick stuff connected with N connectors if it's more than a few feet. Best bet instead is to mount an access point in a box directly behind the dish and run long power and ethernet cables to it. The shorter the RF cables, the better signal you will get.


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Be very wary of the local telecommunications laws, while a wireless router may be perfectly legal within premises and their immediate surroundings, any attempt to broadcast it over greater distances, particularly by using equipment that may not be locally approved could run you into difficulties with the local authorities.....

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