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Hi all,

i have read some of the previous threads about outdoor cinema setups. I’ve just bought a cheap Vamvo 120” screen and want to use it to set up an outdoor cinema to surprise my daughter on her birthday.

is it possible to use any type of projector to project from the rear ? Or does the projector have to be in front of the screen ?

Looking for some active speakers for the sound and I see most recommend stereo rather than 5.1. Just checking if these active speakers just connect directly to the projector?

Also, I presume that I need a projector with a high lumens output ?

thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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Most projectors have the option to configure them for Front/Rear and Table Top/Ceiling projection though check the spec sheet of any Projector you are considering.

Projecting from the rear can mean lower output levels and you may need a fair bit of space between the Projector Lens and the Screen to achieve the image size you want unless you go with a short throw projector.

Think of the light path from Lens to your seated eye level when deciding at what height to place the projector!

'High Lumens' is usually relative to using a projector in a controlled lighting environment not taking on the Sun! You will have to experiment with placement and shading options at the time of day you wish to project at to work out if what you are planning is a realistic option.

There are lots of small companies springing up who will hire you a 'blacked out' Gazebo, projector and sound system for a kids party for a decent price - that may be a better option!


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