Outbreak on ITV


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god it's in a horrible ratio, looks like it's been cropped left and right and then stretched horizontally. looks utterly horrible.:(


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Cor Yeah, I see what you mean, eeeugh!!! :eek:


I was cursing as I was going to tape it in W/S and I missed the start when I switched on I could not believe they were showing it in 4:3. I’m still waiting for them to re-release it as a SE.


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it was only the second 'segment' which was formatted wrong.

although they showed the rest of it in 4:3 !!!! :devil:

the second segment, was 4:3 squashed into a letterbox format.

i nearly went mental. i'm gonna have to put itv and channel 5 customer services numebrs into the speed-dial on my phone, as they both insist on showing films in 4:3

i shouldn't really mind as i have a 4:3 telly...but it really winds me up

Ian J

This film was my first experience of Dolby Digital. It was the Bristol show of 1997? and Linn were using Outbreak as demo in their room.

I heard the plane coming from rear right flying slowly to front left before dropping the bomb.

Shortly afterwards I was made redundant and we didn't have two pennies to rub together but I did have £600 left on my credit card so I bought an imported Pioneer 606 and Outbreak.

If I hadn't gone to that show I would now have thousands more in the bank :(


It's alright but not that great. I recall some friends doing the usual, "what about that bit, eugh" and thought is that it?
Still, I wonder if Dustbin Hoffman shot himself up in plague stylie for his infamous method acting style - suddenly hearing John Gielgud saying to him in Marathon Man, "Why run to appear out of breath? Act".

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