out with the 714's for some b and w 684 s2?


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hi all, last year I purchased some focal 714 floorstanders and later went on to buy the cc700 and 705 for a 5.1 package, I demo'd the 714s in the shop and was happy with them but the more I listen to them I always find myself trying to reduce the harsh treble Ive heard these speakers are known for this. ive tried changing cables and the toe on the speakers but I'm still not happy which Is frustrating after buying the matching center and rears, basically I'm looking into maybe the bowers and wilkins 684 s2, matching center and rears and wondered if anyone could suggest if this is a wise move or not, apologies for poor description of sound quality I'm fairly new to this. also they are part of my stereo setup and av setup. many thanks


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I've just got done demoing some 726's that I think use the same tweeter? They didn't sound harsh at all to me. Have you considered it may be your amplifier? Possibly go for something warmer sounding?



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I have the 716's with CC700 and 705 and couldn't be happier. I'd say the sound is detailed but definitely not harsh.
If you go for new speakers make sure to demo them with your amplifier first, in case that's the culprit..

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