Out with pioneer vsx 1029 in with Sony STR-DH790


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Sep 21, 2018
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Gold Coast Aus
Well after about 15 years the old pioneer vsx1029 power board and other bits are gone and repairs and parts sourcing are just not worth it cost wise. But I have a few more years in this house before we move so needed a new AVR. After a bit of reviewing the Sony str-dh790 seems to fit the stop gap bill. It is a basic unit but with 5.1.2 ability and me having 3 at the front and 4 in the ceiling there is a setup programmed that suits. Setup was really easy and whilst it doesnt have the finer adjustments or variety the Pioneer has it is fine for the living room. Has all the updated sound formats and plugged straight into the Sony 4k tv. Forgot I had the sony tv! And so it was a nice surprise that it all syncs together and can use the one remote for both for most things.
Has enough oomph for me …says 145w per channel for the setup but that drops off considerably to 90wpc for other speaker set ups??
Funny to see so few inputs and outputs on the back. Just 4 hdmi ports and speaker/subwoofer points. Apart from an fm antennae and optical spot that is basically it. Easy and took a couple of minutes.
watched Mila‘s Monster Hunter and sound was full …. Only one real flyover sound effect noticed but overall immersive sound.
cost wise it was 25% off to be $790 or about 430pounds… yes we get ripped off in Aus!

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