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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by nunew33, Jan 15, 2004.

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    Havent followed what is happening in the world of HDD/DVDRAM based recorders for a while, been concentrating on big screen.

    Last time I looked none of the current batch had all these; HDD, caddied RAM, Prog scan pal/componant connectors and RGB in.

    Ive heard whispers of the Tosh RD-XS32 and Im sure the other manufacturers will be releasing new models.

    Is there any information on whats coming next that indicates that the next generation of HDD/DVD recorders will have the features I want?

    I want to relegate my VCR and DVD Player to another room and use the recorder as the main DVD player with a projector so prog scan and componant are important. I also want to use it as the main recording device for Sky which I use for the Art house Film four movies that get shown at 3am
    :thumbsdow and are unwatchable on the projector using VHS. Caddied RAM is a requirement because my PC has a first generation DVD burner which only accepts caddied DVD RAM. I want to archive Home movies and want to be able to create titling and transitions on the PC and insert them into any home movies I archive.

    With these requirements am I best off waiting? Am I waiting for a bus taht will never arrive and if so, which of the current crop will meet my needs the best?

    Any help gratefully appreciated!

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