'Out of Place' - The Messerschmitt as seen in London


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The Messerschmitt as seen in London. Manufactured between 1953 and 1962 by a German aircraft engineers (Messerschmitt). 65,000 were made before production stopped. Similar to a cockpit in design, it has two wheels at front and one at back, a kick starter and other motor-scooter-like controls (handlebar for steering with twist-grip throttle and clutch lever), a hand-operated windshield wiper, and no reverse gear. The passenger (co-pilot) seat is behind the driver seat. Entry into the car is via a single 'hinged lid' like door.

'Out of Place'. Aside from obviously looking out of place against the 'regular' cars, the Messerschmitt is in itself out of place as the manufactures were forbidden from manufacturing regular cars for many years after the War, so technically this is not a car ...

The image was cropped using MS Picture Manager SP2.


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Thanks for the comments. This is the first time I have picked up a camera in the past 16 years so was a bit apprehensive of my first attempts at photography - and even more so at submitting it for all to see :eek:.

Any comments, tips, recommendations would be very much appreciated from all members as I have a lot to learn and am keen to improve...

Thanks once again.


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It does look 'Out of Place' doesnt it.

....perfect little car for my office carpark

....not sure Mr Sweetgirl would ride in however.

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your first entry.:thumbsup:


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Thanks for the welcome Sweetgirl.

The Messerschmitt is a 2 seater (one behind the other) so would comfortably fit both you and Mr Sweetgirl. However, you just need to decide who gets to sit in the driving seat ... ;)

Thanks once again ....

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