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This forum is generally science led. To that end, we follow the scientific consensus when it comes to discussions about the Coronavirus.
It's stating the obvious that people hold many varying beliefs and generally they may share them on AVForums.
Flat earthers, for example, are allowed to say that they think the earth is flat because their beliefs are not dangerous.

People who post beliefs which are likely to influence others to take (or not take) actions which may put themselves or others in danger are not welcome on AVForums.

For example, we would not allow people to promote looking down the barrel of a gun and pulling the trigger to see if it is loaded.

We do not welcome any posts which advocate breaking the law. And there may well be some crossover when it comes to Covid discussions.

We would not allow people to suggest that wearing face masks is somehow bad for our health. People with relevant impaired breathing excepted, maybe.
Medical professionals wear masks constantly for the protection of their patients. Scientists state (and common sense tells rational people) that it is effective against spreading Coronavirus.
Not wearing a mask when in close proximity to people outside of your 'bubble' is a selfish, dangerous act.

Unfortunately there are many other examples of dangerous conspiracy theories.
Such as suggesting that 5G causes Coronavirus will definitely get the posts censored on AVForums because it's a stupid notion which detracts from the real methods of catching it. No more needs to be said on that issue.

So if the moderators moderate your posts in a way that you do not like, please consider whether their contents may be dangerous to readers' health.
If you believe that, for example,
  • face masks are dangerous, or
  • 5G causes Covid, or
  • vaccinations cause autism, or
  • cancer can be cured by 'right thinking',
  • or any similar unproven theory which could potentially harm people
and you want to complain about not being able to promote that on AVForums, please turn to the nearest wall and state your grievances clearly. Then move on.

Thank you.
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