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Our living room


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This is our living room, shared by everyone in the house. That means that everyone must be able to use the system without complications (SWMBO and kids). The decor is also subject to mutual consent, so not everything is possible - and I'm also a bit picky with some things...



Panasonic 50PX8

Denon AVR-4311
Denon DBT-1713UD
Custom built HTPC
Technics SL-D3

Monitor Audio Silver 8
Monitor Audio Silver Centre
Monitor Audio Radius 90HD

The room is also not very common, as you can verify in the floor plan:


(the furniture layout is a little bit different now, as we have changed some things around, but the speaker placement is the same)

In my MLP the sound is quite good, but it's very strange when you walk around the room and the bass is very light near the sub, but as you walk away from it to the oposite side, it gains tremendous power. So the next step I would like to do is to get a Umik-1 and try to figure out what's happening with the help of REW.

For now I'm done with upgrades (this system was almost completly renewed in the last months, although everything was bought second hand)... but we all know that there is no such thing as a "closed upgrade". I'm always thinking about going dual subs, although I would have to be very creative to be able to convince the wife to accept another big box in the living room.

The only thing that is missing is a proper upgrade to the TV... my plasma screen is almost 11 years old, and it keeps running... now tell me, wouldn't a 65" screen look the part?


(Attention: this is a photoshop edit):p


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The TV looks really tiny against that wall.
It must look even smaller judging on how far you are sitting back from it.
I sit just over 2meters away from a 65 inch lol I wouldn't want to go any further away.

But yes you need a new 65 inch.
The challenging part...convincing the wife...:clap:


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When we bought the TV, 42" were common, and coming from a 32" CRT the 50" plasma looked huge. Not anymore...

Distance to TV is around 3m.


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Nice to see another non-exclusive room setup! My living room was already setup. I had managed to run a few wires in the wall, but other than that 5.1 is the limit and nothing that MLW didnt like to fit in with the feeling of the room. I had bought the fronts years ago so she was already aware of those. Even the TV choice was hard!! Had to be white. No white. Mustnt have lights on it when its on/off. Mustnt have silver on it. Must be flat as possible. Sheesh! But we got there! :D


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Looks cracking. Personally, I would put a black grille over that centre channel as it's a little distracting - but apart from that it looks like it ticks all your requirements - so thumbs up! :)



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Looks cracking. Personally, I would put a black grille over that centre channel as it's a little distracting - but apart from that it looks like it ticks all your requirements - so thumbs up! :)


Thanks for your input... normally I have all the speakers with grilles on (because kids, you know ;))


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New update... got a cracking deal on a Sony 65XH9505 and here it is:


We'll be doing a big remodeling of the living room in the near future, and the missus kindly asked to size down the speakers, hence the Radius 270 you now see in the picture. The Silver 8s were amazing, but this is an AV setup 95% fo the time and the Radius floorstanders perform quite well. Still, I might convince her to change the Radius 270 for a pair of Silver 200s (if and when I find a good deal). The 4311 was also replaced with a more recent X5200w.

About the TV: I thought OLED was going to be my choice, but after some considerations, and the forementioned deal, I went with the LCD. And boy am I surprised! This thing rocks! Great IQ, and the blacks are really good, even in a dimmed room! Even low quality contents are quite nice, natural but rich colours... happy customer here!

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