Otpoma HD83 Firmware Update Failure


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Hi guys, you are not going to believe this, I couldn't! We finally got a fix for the firmware to fix the LBX crosstalk issue on this machine. After multiple attempts to install the driver to detect the USB port on the projector, multiple OS's, I was just about to give up and a friends XP laptop accepted the drivers and we were in business.

The software updated the projector. Whoopee! I thought...just in time for Christmas. But no, disaster, the machine now doesn't cycle. Just get a flashing blue light and the bulb doesn't come on line. I've tried everything.

Optoma have been most unhelpful if I am honest. So the best they could do was give me an RMA number, oh, and its skeleton staff next week so we won't look at it until the 4th January. GREAT. All the hard effort of Ricky and time and blood and tears...and I go and ruin it by trying to patch the machine in time for Christmas.

The story ends well. YET AGAIN Ricky, after I asked him if he had anything I could "borrow", is sending me a VW30 and 4 sets of glasses for a Saturday delivery. I really just cannot thank him enough. I'd essentially ruined all his good work by trying this firmware upgrade. Even though it came from Optoma.

So, it'll be a bit heath robinson but we should have some 3D fun over the festive period.

Lastly, I've been extremely disappointed with Optoma. They've been very poor from a post sales perspective. I am going to write to their CEO to explain how I have been treated. But let's see how they behave with sorting out the machine.

Happy Christmas all!



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Hi mate, sorry to hear about your optoma problems. Can you let me know how the hd83 compared to the sony vw60 you had? Be interesting to see how it fares against the hw30 you'll be loaning as well. Thanks :thumbsup:

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