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Jan 13, 2004
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If this is off topic, please let me know where to post.....

I have a new Xbox with the composite scart lead. My TV will not pick it up. If i plug my DVD player into the Scart port, the TV automatically goes to Ext1 and i can watch DVD's.......

Could someone please point me in the right direction!!!!


When you are using your DVD, the player signals the TV to switch to the AV iinput, hence you get the picture. (uses pin 8 of the scart)

Your xbox cable is just providing the video signal, and no switching signal.

You need to use your TV remote control to select AV1 (or whatever socket you have the xbox plugges into) manually ...

Thats my guess...
You'll have to select the AV channel for the Xbox manually if you're using the composite connection.

Look for the AV button on your TV's handset or it may be a screen shape with an arrow pointing into it. Turn on your Xbox and cycle through the AV channels until you see the Xbox dashboard.

It's well worth buying a proper scart lead for the Xbox as it makes a huge difference to the picture.

then i'm going to have to go and try and find the remote!!!!!


Cheers for the advice


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