OT: Word and mouse serious issue help please

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Got a problem suddenly with mouse on all word docs.

Basically when you try to move cursor to middle of a word to edit the whole of the sentence the word is in gets highlighted instead. Also when you try to use the rollerball bit to scroll down document it zooms in or out of the document.

Mouse properties son't seem to have anything about this. Ideas please?



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Try the TOOLS/OPTIONS then the EDIT tab. There is an option to select entire word there.

Otherwise it could be your click speed. 1 click sets cursor, 2 clicks selects word, 3 clicks selects sentence.
CTRL plus mouse up/down should zoom in/out, have you set any options for selecting CTRL (don't want to seem rude but there is a windows option for disabled which sets CTRL automatically though I've never done that myself).

Hope that helps.


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