OT(ish) : Small PJ or big speaker ???

Mad Mr H

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:D Ive been caught !!!

(I edited your post my work is on page 15, now takes you there!)

OK so I wandered into the "subs" section, I only went there cos "DrEvil" here mentioned about a thread talking about subs not being required.........

I seem to think a little different to that !!!!

I have gone through the pictures and at the end is a pair of Marquees with a sub - So totally CRT related :smashin:

I will tell you that those towers of subs dont work correctly , they are wired wrong. each "ring" of four needs to be wired as one circuit, each ring needs to be delayed the concept works for maximum spl but not musical - I used to design that kind of box for competition use (noise boys in cars sorry :mad: )

Mad Mr H

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Oh, people have designed small pj's, they decided to stick a massive low life lamp next to a small non heat resist fan, shine the light through a crystal and call it a PJ. :eek:

Can be seen today in most skips and work benches :D

Barcoing Mad

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A good infinite baffle would be to mount the drivers in an outer wall, with the rear of the drivers radiating into the outside world. Effectively you would be sitting inside the sub. Neighbours on the outside might complain, though.


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Hi There,

Alas i'd quite like an IB set-up but it would have to be exactly like Barcoing has said. My room is a single story flat roof extension to the house and the guy who built it in th 80's was a building inspector so got away with building to the boundaries on the back garden (yard), so one side is a builders merchants, the other is an office car park and to the rear we actualy butt up to a factory....This means *NO* voids to vent into, save the infiteitly infinate.

The good news is that for a Semi-detatched house (the smaller twin is now offices), after 6pm we don't have an neighbours for at least 40m in any direction :D

If i hadn't just had the roof re-done with a new fangled 25 year membrane i'd ponder the merit of having a louvered box on the roof.

Sub wise i think i'm gonna have to stick with my Servo 15 and probably get it a friend (there is space behind the screen you see).


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