Osmosis Jones


Squirrel God


Anyone else seen this? I did a search and got zero results.

Bought it in the Play sale as it was only £7.99 and is directed by the Farrelly brothers (the only film of theirs I haven't seen). It's about 75% animation and 25% live action. Stars/voiced by Chris Rock, Laurence Fishburne, David Hyde Pierce, Chris Elliott, Kid Rock, Ron Howard, Joel Silver, Bill Murray and William Shatner.

I found it surprisingly enjoyable with a fair few funny moments. The whole premise of setting a crime story inside a human body was rather ingenious I thought, with all the main characters being anthropomorphized bacteria, blood cells, etc.

Good fun! Kids will love it too (and parents may love the hidden educational moments)! :)
The animation was fun but the film was let down by the poor live action sequences IMO. I did enjoy it overall though I have to admit - I think I gave it 3/5


Originally posted by lentini
Saw it a while ago. It's OK but it drags on a bit.

Well it is a comedy, didn't expect them to play it straight did you :blush: :p

Squirrel God

The first couple of live action sequences are poor at the start but thankfully they don't last long. However, the scene with Bill Murray at the science fair and later when he stops off at the school made me chuckle :D


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Yeah I saw this ages ago too.

Some very clever play on words and nice jokes.

Just a bit too average but worth a rent. I sold my copy not long after watching it.

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