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Oscar nominee lawsuit - What does this mean for her career?

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by jo_clarke88, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. jo_clarke88


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    What does this mean for Diane Lane's career?

    Endeavor will nix Intermedia in suit's wake

    Lane's suit claims breach of contract, fraud for 'Me Again'


    Talent agency Endeavor has blackballed film financier Intermedia until client Diane Lane is paid nearly $2.7 million allegedly owed
    to her under a pay or play deal.
    Move comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by Lane against Intermedia in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, claiming breach
    of contract, misrepresentation and fraud.

    Although Intermedia is now in preproduction on Oliver Stone's epic drama, "Alexander," Lane's lawsuit claims that the production
    and financing company was unable to come up with the funding for the much more modestly budgeted "Me Again."

    Lane was to receive $3.5 million and star opposite Bruce Willis in the thriller "Me Again."

    The project was to begin production in May and wrap by August. Willis dropped out of the project last spring and has not been
    replaced. (Daily Variety, April 16)

    However, according to Lane's suit, Intermedia did not have financing for "Me Again" when the company made its deal with Lane
    and never found the funding for the film.

    According to documentation provided in Lane's lawsuit, Intermedia later tried to flip the project to Franchise. (German-owned
    Intermedia is involved with Franchise backer Ron Tudor on another project, "Laws of Attraction." )

    In a letter dated June 24 and addressed to Intermedia vice chairman Jon Gumpert, Endeavor accused Intermedia of using "lies and
    misrepresentation" in an attempt to justify nonpayment of Lane's pay-or-play deal.

    "In April of this year, you (Intermedia) made a $3.5 million pay or play deal with Diane Lane to star in "Me Again," the letter
    states. "Subsequently, Diane passed on several multimillion dollar offers to star in other films at the same time."

    Endeavor acknowledged that Intermedia had made the first two payments of $277,778 each.

    "However," the letter concludes, "until we receive the remaining money owed to her, the Endeavor Agency will cease doing
    business with Intermedia, Franchise Pictures and those individuals who are responsible for these actions in perpetuity."

    The letter was signed by all 14 Endeavor partners, with copies also sent to Intermedia chairman Moritz Borman and production
    president Basil Iwanyk, as well as Franchise chairman/CEO Elie Samaha and president of development Tracee Stanley.

    An Intermedia spokesperson said the company does not comment on pending litigation.

    Even if she was offered a part tomorrow, it wouldn't go into production until October/November at the earliest and therefore
    probably wouldn't be released theatrically until early 2005! That would be over 2-and-a-half years after "Unfaithful" was released.
    At 38, in Hollywood, this could spell very, very bad news for Diane Lane's career could it not? Do you think her career can
    recover? Will the lawsuit have a backlash on her from other production companys and producers? Could it effect any awards
    chances she may have? Lastly, what do you think (from what you know) her chances are of getting the money she has sued
    Intermedia for?

    Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, Renee Zellweger, Julianne Moore have 5 or 6 projects in the works. Diane Lane has none!
    Doesn't seem fair to me?! :(

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