Oscar 2004 results


Well, I don't know about you folks, but I stayed up and watched the whole thing live. I won't ruin it for people, but just to say that it was certainly a decent ceremony!

Billy Crystal was superb as the compere/host, and I hope that they show his entire 20-minute introductory song and dance routine he did, which was awesome! Very funny, too!

I will post to this thread later on in the week, when more people are aware of the results!

Yep stayed up as well, the introduction of Billy cystal was superb must of took weeks to put together and cost a few bob 2 i wish i had recorded it,

Also he did a great job especially the song and dance at the start which it seems he did without a autocue

Great stuff
Originally posted by betamac
the introduction of Billy cystal was superb must of took weeks to put together and cost a few bob 2 i wish i had recorded it,

I tivo'd it with the plan of extracting it later :D
The Ross/Brydon etc 'inserts' during ad-breaks were superb.

Thankfully my HS2 recording allowed me to ff through some dull moments of the ceremony proper. Mostly good though.
Hi Again,

Well, seeing as the results are now quite well-known, I can now say the following:

- Billy Crystal was a great host! Him and Whoopi Goldberg are still my two fave compares of the ceremony. When David Letterman did it, it was dire! His jokes just left everyone stunned at how bad he was.

- Blake Edwards' award was superb, and definitely a highlight of the ceremony.

- Poor old Bill Murray! He looked gutted, when he lost to Sean Penn!

- Scarlet Johannson - stunning, stunning, stunning! :blush:

- Loved the "Mitch and Mickey" musical performance by Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, from their film "A Mighty Wind". Nice touch!

Overall, I thought the ceremony was actually pretty good. Yes, I know the whole "Oscars" thing is basically a chance for Hollywood to self-congratulate itself, but it's still nice to see that it can be done with both pathos and humour. At least there weren't any totally-nutzoid, melodramatic speeches, like there has been in past years! Even Charlize Theron's speech wasn't too bad. I was kinda moved, when we discovered what her mother had done! (For those who don't know, her mother killed her father, when Charlize was about 15 years old. The mother said it was self-defence: something to do with him being abusive and/or alcoholic. She and Charlize were never punished or investigated for the shooting!)


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