Original Star Wars figures - Valuations


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I stored all my Star Wars stuff at my parents when I moved out 21 years ago(!!) and I am finally going to dig it all out and go through it over the xmas break.
Other than Ebay are there any reliable websites where I can have a look at what I've got and work out the value?


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Chris if you are on Facebook, there is a group called Echo Base Uk Trading vintage star wars 1977-1986. They will give you valuations, advice and you can also sell on there.


Are they all opened or still on the cards? Also are they the vintage Kenner figures or more recent ones?


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Thanks for the info - Really helpful.

They are all original trilogy Kenner figures, some ships and playsets as well. They are all played with, unlikely I've got any packaging at all. Hindsight is everything! :)
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