Original HD Box v Latest HD Box Questions


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Is there any variant in picture and / or sound quality between the first Sky HD box that came out 11 month ago, and the latest HD box available now?

Are there any other aspects that are different?




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It's the same box.
There is currently only 1 Sky HD box available for the UK.

The only changes have been to the software.


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There maybe only one supplier (i.e. Thomson) box but there seems to be 3 different version numbers when people put up their system details, 4E3004, 4E3006 and 4E3007 (presumably id'ing a 2007 box?). The model number listed within the system details seems to vary too?

Would suggest to me that there maybe subtle differences as current feedback suggest two different HDD's fitted to HD boxes so far.


My latest (third) box is a 4E3007.
The SKY operative I got when pairing up the card to the box said it was the first 07 box he's come across.
Compared with the two 06 boxes before,I don't notice any difference apart it being a good bit quieter.
Much less fan noise than the previous two.
The HDD is still quite 'clickety scrape' in operation though.
When recording an HD programme,for example,I get a regular ticking,almost like there's a grandfather clock in the room.


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I got Sky HD fitted about a month ago. I'm not sure what no. it is, but it's as quiet as my old Pace Sky+ box.


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