Ordinary People


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The trouble I had getting all these people together for this shot...!! :D

IMG_8794.jpg by BubbleDouble, on Flickr

Numerous heads and limbs chopped off, my lens just wasn't wide enough :p


p.s. I think it's slightly better viewed larger on black, so click through


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Nice shot and lots of people -even bits of people. I like the shot but it sure gives the word "Cropped" a whole-new meaning.

Yeah, I know Andy. Not much time this month, so I thought something is better than nothing at all ;)


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This certainly is better than nothing :) I quite like it. May I ask what was the occasion?


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This certainly is better than nothing :) I quite like it. May I ask what was the occasion?
My opening remark was somewhat sarcastic Miranda. This was shot at the sea-lion show at Whipsnade Zoo...and a heavy crop as already pointed out :laugh:

I felt I had to enter something this month. I've had some fab ideas for this months' theme, but I simply won't have the time to execute any of them :(


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Definitely on theme Darren and there's definitely something about it that catches the eye :)


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On your own admission Darren ,quite a rush shot and not one of your best technically ,but it's pretty quirky and different which makes you look at at twice,which in my opinion makes it a good entry :smashin:....Ps i can spot at least three people not smiling ,maybe you could have your comp on the pic ,spotting how many people are not smiling


Bit of a Marmite one this Darren. Fortunately I like the stuff. :smashin: A difficult shot to nail without clipping something or someone. There's plenty going on in the shot to overcome the framing.

The aspect ratio works well, it's a bit like a dysfunctional school photo. ;)

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