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I've got Sky Digital already and I'm looking to order Sky+ (while keeping existing box) and I was looking to do this via the online method but the next installation date available is April 10th, which to me seems quite a while away.

Is their any way of getting a earlier date, like middle of march. I was thinking of ordering online then possibly phoning Sky about changing the date. :confused:

Cheers.......and this forum is full of great info. :smashin:


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If you are paying full price then do what i did and contact a local installer to do it !

I went with a local reputable aerial installer and only had to wait 5 days for installation.


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I agree with Carlos, I would go independant regardless of price. Immediate attention, (mine quotes 24/48 hours install) and usually better job than the cowboys Sky are allegedly using at present. Alternatively you could save yourself a lot of future hassle and buy a DVD -Ram or -Ram -RW HDD recorder instead. Not as intergrated I know, but much more reliable, with similar features.


with sly installs you pay for what you get mate,
lots of horror stories about subbies only 1 cable run to stb then customer cant record etc
I usually get called locally to try and put some of these so called installs right and you be surprised at what ive found.

if you want a quality install with cables etc run where you want them then definetly go for good independent.

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